Anatomy Theatre

Workshopping at BRIC March 4–23, and opening at LA Opera June 15–20, 2016

Music by David Lang

Libretto by Mark Dion & David Lang

A Ridge Theater Production

Directed by Bob McGrath

Film by Bill Morrison

Projections Design by Laurie Olinder

Scenic Design by Mark Dion

Lighting Design by Christopher Kuhl

Costume Design by Alixa Gage Englund

Conducted by Christopher Rountree

Creative Producer - Beth Morrison

Featuring WildUp

Produced by Beth Morrison Projects

Anatomy Theatre was commissioned by Ridge Theater and Beth Morrison Projects

Presented by LA Opera


Sarah Osborne - Peabody Southwell

Joshua Crouch - Zachary James

Baron Peel - Robert Osborne

Ambrose Strang - Kyle Bielfield

Anatomy Theatre